GP Learning-Disability Resource Pack

GP Learning-Disability Resource Pack

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What’s the problem?

For a quick appraisal of the problems that people with a learning disability face when visiting their GP, watch this great 2-minute video from Mencap called TREAT ME WELL. It shows how perfectly kind and considerate staff can still fail to meet the need. You will see things from the perspective of a person with learning disability.

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Another couple of useful videos ..

This second video about an LD person getting an Annual Health Check is performed by the Misfits Theatre Company, who are actors with learning disability. It is called HEALTH IS EVERBODY’S RESPONSIBILITY. It is 10 minutes long.

And this third video from the LD-Lead at Lambeth CCG is targeted at practice staff in a GP surgery. It informs and reminds them about what should happen in an annual health check for a learning-disabled person and what problems can be anticipated so that things can go as smoothly as possible.